Ophelia was a character in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. In the story, she was the potential wife of Prince Hamlet.

In 2266, the role of Ophelia was played by Lenore Karidian in a production of Hamlet aboard the USS Enterprise, in the starship's theater. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

The character name "Ophelia" is not actually used on screen, where it is only implied that Lenore is playing the role of Ophelia. However, the episode's script made the references clear. In the final revised draft of the script, Lenore was described as wearing "the flowing costume of 'Ophelia' and is in the makeup of the character." Later, when Lenore tries to convince her father that she has saved him by murdering seven eyewitnesses who survived a massacre he was responsible for, the teleplay stated, "Now we should suddenly realize that this is Ophelia, after the death of her father... mad, mad."

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