Open Sky was an Akritirian organization which hoped to one day surplant the Akritirian government and lead a "legitimate government" for their people. Considered terrorist by the Akritirian government, they saw themselves as Patriots.

Its members were hunted by authorities on Akritiri and had scant resources with which to work. They operated in brigades. The Akritirian authorities believed they were working with off-world collaborators.

Circa 2373, members of Open Sky managed to locate the Akritirian maximum security detention facility, where they believed members of their group were imprisoned. They were also responsible for the Laktivia recreational facility bombing on Akritiri, killing 47 off-duty patrollers. Two members synthesized paralithium into a trilithium explosive aboard their cargo vessel to accomplished this. The USS Voyager, which was powered by dilithium, was subsequently blamed for the explosion because there was no natural source of trilithium in the sector. (VOY: "The Chute")

Known members Edit

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