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Omag was an obese Ferengi weapons trader. He was quite fond of the song Melor Famagal.

In 2368, he stole a Vulcan transport, the T'Pau, from Surplus Depot Z15 and delivered it to a Barolian freighter at Galorndon Core, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. William T. Riker followed him to Qualor II to seek information about missing Vulcan ships. Omag was thoroughly disreputable and refused to give any information. Riker threatened to revoke his travel in the sector which would severely hamper his arms dealing. After the threat from Riker, he revealed that the Romulans were involved in the theft of Vulcan ships. (TNG: "Unification II")

Omag was played by actor William Bastiani.
He reappeared in Star Trek: Elite Force II, voiced by Matt Malloy. There, he was a trader on a Klingon space station, who reveals the location of an alien control center to the main character, after the player uses the Rules of Acquisition to coerce Omag into cooperation without violating Federation regulations regarding treatment of prisoners.

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