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Oliana Mirren was a young Human female who sat the Starfleet Academy entrance exam on Relva VII in 2364.

She thought that Wesley Crusher was "cute," but also admired him for his intelligence. She failed to make it into the Academy, losing out to Mordock. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Oliana Mirren was played by Estee Chandler.
The script specified her age as 18, making her birth year 2346. She was described in the script as "a red-head with sparkle and probably a temper."

Apocrypha Edit

Oliana reappeared in the Pocket Books trilogy Star Trek: Destiny, indicating that she had eventually succeeded in becoming a Starfleet officer, attaining the rank of lieutenant as of 2381 and the position of operations manager aboard the USS Aventine, under the command of Ezri Dax.

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