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Talaxian script

Talaxian script

The Talaxian language was the primary language spoken by the Talaxian people.

Nearly all Talaxian proper nouns contained the letter x (pronounced ks).

Talaxian writing resembles strings of long and short rectangles with curvy lines cut out of them. These lines are usually written in horizontal and vertical blocks. (VOY: "Homestead")

Talaxian Symbols

Talaxian symbols found on terminals aboard Neelix's ship

Known words and phrasesEdit

  • Omara s'alas - "good news has no clothes" (used by Neelix to explain the futility of hiding good news to Tom Paris (VOY: "Lineage")
  • Vaadwaur - reckless, foolish (in "the old tongue", aka Talax'ilzay)
  • Talax'ilzay - what ancient Talaxians called themselves

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