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Spock and Uhura make music

Uhura and Spock jamming together

"Oh, On the Starship Enterprise" was a song made up by Lieutenant Uhura. In 2266, she sang two different versions of the song, accompanied by Mr. Spock as he played on his Vulcan lyre in the crew lounge of the USS Enterprise.

The first version of "Oh, On the Starship Enterprise" referred to Spock. Shortly after Uhura and Spock ended their rendition, Charlie Evans, who had recently come aboard the Enterprise, entered the crew lounge. Uhura began to sing again to the same melody, but adapted the lyrics to comment on Charlie and romantic feelings she believed he had for Yeoman Janice Rand. (TOS: "Charlie X")

Lyrics Edit

Original version Edit

Oh, on the Starship Enterprise
There's someone who's in Satan's guise,
Whose devil's ears and devil's eyes
Could rip your heart from you!
At first his look could hypnotize,
And then his touch would barbarize.
His alien love could victimize...
And rip your heart from you!
And that's why female astronauts
Oh very female astronauts
Wait terrified and overwrought
To find what he will do.
Oh girls in space, be wary,
Be wary, be wary!
Girls in space, be wary!
We know not what he'll do.
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"Oh, Charlie's Our New Darling" Version Edit

Now from a planet out in space
There comes a lad not commonplace
A-seeking out his first embrace.
He's saving it for you.
Oh Charlie's our new darling
Our darling, our darling.
Oh Charlie's our new darling.
We know not what you'll do!
Listen to Uhura sing.file info
The tune is a variation on the Scots song "Charlie is My Darling" about the Young Pretender and the Scottish Jacobite uprising of 1744/5.

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