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Ogus II was the second planet in the Ogus planetary system. This system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. The atmosphere was capable of supporting humanoid lifeforms. One native plant was called a cove palm which produced a fruit inhabited by deadly parasites that was extremely toxic to Humans.

The USS Enterprise-D visited Ogus II for a two day liberty in early 2367. Brothers Jake and Willie Potts played at the laser duel game in the east arcade. Jake tricked his younger brother into believing that he had been seriously hurt by Willie, causing Willie to hide in a forest and ingest the fruit from a cove palm. The boy needed to be rushed to Starbase 416 for treatment. (TNG: "Brothers")

Ogus II also appeared in the starchart Data and Picard were studying in stellar cartography in 2371. (Star Trek Generations, display graphic)

The star chart seen in "Generations" depicted the location of planets, stars, and star systems in the Alpha Quadrant. Based on the dimensions of the circles used to mark locations on the star chart seen in "Generations", this system was located relatively far to the USS Enterprise-D.

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