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The Official Star Trek Fan Club was the official authorized fan club for the Star Trek franchise. At its peak, the group had more than 100,000 subscribers.

The fan club started as an unofficial fanzine published by Dan Madsen beginning in 1979. By 1982, Paramount Pictures authorized the magazine and it became the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine. In 1986, Madsen founded FANtastic Media to run both the club and magazine. In 1995, the magazine became the Star Trek: Communicator.

On 9 February 2001, Decipher purchased the assets of FANtastic Media, including the Fan Club, and continued publication of Communicator until 2005, when the company announced the cancellation of the magazine after Star Trek: Communicator issue 155.

Paramount and CBS announced a new fan club in 2008, but nothing came of it.

Starship replicas

A number of limited edition Star Trek starship miniatures were released by the fan club. These replicas were created from cold-cast resin, measured from eight to twelve inches in length, and were sold through the fan club's mail order and at retail inside Las Vegas' Star Trek: The Experience. Editions were limited to 2500 models of each ship.

The USS Enterprise, Deep Space 9, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, USS Enterprise-D, USS Voyager, and T'Plana-Hath were produced for the fan club by Legends in 3 Dimensions. The fan club also produced the Captain's yacht Cousteau which was designed and mastered by John Eaves.

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