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Class: Freighter
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Status: Destroyed (2357)
For the division at Earth Starfleet, please see ODIN.
For the Trill symbiont with a similar name, please see Odan.

The Odin was a 24th century Federation freighter.

In the mid-2350s, the Odin was disabled by a collision with an asteroid. The starship's four surviving crewmembers, led by Ramsey, drifted for five months in three of the ship's escape pods until they reached the nearest M-class planet, Angel I. The Odin was declared missing in 2357.

In 2364, the remains of the starship were later found, abandoned in space, by the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Angel One")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., p. 334), the registry for the SS Odin was NGL-12535.
The ship was most likely named for Odin, the creator and supreme deity in Norse mythology.

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