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Oby VI plasma plague

The Oby VI plasma plague virus

Oby VI was the inhabited sixth planet in the Oby system.

On stardate 38235.3 in the year 2294, an outbreak of the plasma plague on isolated sections of the northern continent was reported on Oby VI.

Initial investigations were undertaken by Doctor Susan Nuress and her research associates, consisting of Doctors Rob Bowman, Maurice Hurley, Jaron Summers, and Jon Povill It was discovered that initial treatment regimes of indicated medication proved increasingly ineffective, with mortality reaching 99+%.

The particular viral strain found on Oby VI was initially believed to be closely related to either the Legato or Hutzel infection, but all cases proved highly resistant to normal treatment protocol. During Oby VI's next planetary year, more than two thousand cases of infections with the virus were reported, with growth proceeding exponentially. To counteract the infection, Dr. Nuress developed a unique strain of the virus (number nine in a series of tests), by bombarding it with Eichner radiation.

In 2365, the etiological report of this virus was stored in the USS Enterprise-D library computer. When a sample of this virus, which was being transported aboard the Enterprise-D, began growing, Doctor Katherine Pulaski read this report and it was determined that the virus was being stimulated by Eichner radiation. (TNG: "The Child", okudagram)

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