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You may also be looking for Kubus Oak, a Bajoran collaborator.

An oak (genus Quercus) was a type of tree native to Earth.

Malcolm Reed was allergic to oak pollen. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

The presence of oak trees clued Jean-Luc Picard in to the fact that Q had not sent the crew to the planet Tagus III but rather his idea of Sherwood Forest. (TNG: "Qpid")

An oak was one of the images Leonardo da Vinci told Captain Kathryn Janeway he could see on a wall that was reflecting the light from a lamp. (VOY: "Scorpion")

When she was six years old, Captain Kathryn Janeway witnessed a lightning bolt shatter an oak tree that she had climbed just a few hours before during a thunderstorm on her grandfather's yard. (VOY: "Shattered")

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