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Nyrian biosphere vessel MSD

Diagram of the biosphere vessel

The Nyrian biosphere vessel was a vast starship utilized by the Nyrians of the Delta Quadrant.

The ship was equipped with a translocation device and acted as the prison in which the Nyrians kept the crews of ships, space stations, and colonies that they had acquired.

The ship contained 94 holographic habitats, each tailored to make the stay of the prisoners as comfortable as possible. Habitats could be entered from the main body of the ship via hidden portals. These portals also linked one habitat to another. The habitats were individually named, including Argala, Bourget, and Zooabud.

The ship was shut down in late 2373 when the crew of the USS Voyager escaped and captured several high ranking Nyrians in the Argala habitat. They disabled the translocator and arranged for the prisoners to be taken home. (VOY: "Displaced")

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