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Yediq, a Nygean male (2377)
Nygean family
An elderly Nygean male, and two Nygean females (2377)

The Nygeans are a humanoid race that control a region of space in the Delta Quadrant.

Nygeans are distinguished by a ridge that goes from the top of their forehead, down to their neck. They also have larger ridges on their nose and chin. Their skin is blotched in appearance, and they have pale spots going down the side of their face.

The Nygeans govern a sector containing several humanoid species, one of which is the Benkarans. The Benkarans, who take up less then 10% of Nygean space, take up more then 80% of the space in Nygean prisons.

Nygean ships are capable of warp factor 8.2.

The Nygean legal system is based on an ancient protocol known as "Vekto Valek K'vadim" or "Favor the Victims", in which the victim and/or their family determine the sentence for the offender, from restitution up to and including the death sentence.

The Federation's first encounter with this race took place in 2377, when a prison ship was rescued by the USS Voyager. Its (surviving) complement was comprised of three Nygean guards, three Nygean prisoners, and five Benkaran prisoners. (VOY: "Repentance")

When Voyager was pulled into the Void, they encountered another Nygean ship under the command of Captain Garon. The Nygean ship, which had been trapped in The Void for a long time, was the first to enter into an alliance with Captain Janeway.

In a joint effort, they discovered that a polaron modulator would be able to create a shield bubble large enough to encompass all the Alliance ships, and the Nygeans were a large help in the construction of one. When Bosaal was asked to leave the Alliance, he took several ships with him, but the Nygeans decided to stay. Within days, the Nygean ship, and all Alliance members had escaped The Void. The Nygeans said goodbye to Captain Janeway, since they were heading in the opposite direction, and wished Voyager's crew luck on their journey home. (VOY: "The Void")



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