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Enterprise-D nursery, 2365

A litter of puppies in the nursery of the USS Enterprise-D

Enterprise-D nursery, 2367

Jean-Luc Picard in the nursery of the USS Enterprise-D

The nursery was one section aboard Federation starships, such as the USS Enterprise-D.

Ian Troi got to play with a litter of Labrador Retriever puppies in nursery aboard the Enterprise-D in 2365 when Miss Gladstone was working as a teacher there. (TNG: "The Child")

Ensign Janet Brooks worked in the nursery and volunteered for extra time after her husband, Marc Brooks, died in late 2366. (TNG: "The Loss")

The Juarez baby, born in 2367, slept in a small bed in the ship's nursery, attached to sickbay, shortly after he was born. Captain Jean-Luc Picard paid the latest member of his crew a visit shortly after the boy was put to bed by a nurse. (TNG: "Data's Day")

Before Naomi Wildman's birth, Kathryn Janeway remarked that she should perhaps apologize to the child as Voyager wasn't anyone's idea of a nursery. (VOY: "Deadlock")

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