DaiMon Nunk was a Ferengi who stole a hologram projection of Lieutenant Reginald Barclay in 2377.

He intended to use the hologram to kidnap Seven of Nine in order to steal her Borg nanoprobes so he could sell them for a profit. He hired a dabo girl named Leosa to seduce Barclay in order to gain access to the Pathfinder Project and steal the hologram of Barclay. Nunk then sent the holographic Barclay to USS Voyager and told Captain Kathryn Janeway of a plan to get the ship home by creating a fold in space and opening a gateway. Nunk planned to initiate a verteron pulse in the red giant star to open a geodesic fold to bring Voyager through the fold, which would kill the entire crew. Nunk's plan failed when the real Barclay pretended he was the hologram and told him that Janeway had discovered the plot. (VOY: "Inside Man")

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