A nuclear warhead platform was a weapons delivery device that orbited a planet. On Earth in the late 20th century, the United States of America planned to launch its own orbital warhead in response to other world powers that had already deployed similar platforms. According to USS Enterprise Science officer Spock, "the sky was full of orbiting H-bombs" in the late 1960s. Captain Kirk understood these to be one of Earth's greatest problems during that era.

This opinion was shared by the unidentified race that sent Gary Seven to Earth in 1968. It was their plan to cause the warhead to malfunction and detonate approximately one hundred miles above the planet's surface in order to frighten the Earth's governments away from using such weapons. Seven commented that the planet Omicron IV nearly destroyed itself over similar "nonsense."

History records that the United States space agency, NASA, did launch such a platform in 1968 from McKinley Rocket Base. While not generally revealed, a malfunctioning suborbital warhead detonated exactly 104 miles above Earth's surface on the same date. (TOS: "Assignment: Earth")