Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle was a castle in England. This castle was associated with Nottingham and Sherwood Forest in the tales of Robin Hood, a mythological leader of a band of outlaws in 12th century England. In the tales, this castle was the abode of the High Sheriff of Nottingham and his second-in-command Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

In 2367, the entity known as Q transported the senior officers of the USS Enterprise-D into a recreation of the 12th century setting and the story of Robin Hood in an attempt to teach Captain Picard a lesson about love. During the reenactment, Picard had to choose whether to let Maid Marian (Vash) die or risk his crew's lives trying to rescue her from Nottingham Castle. (TNG: "Qpid")

The interiors of the castle were filmed on Paramount Stage 16 and Paramount Stage 8. Alnwick Castle was used to portray the wide shot.

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