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TAS Producer credit

Norm Prescott's producer credit from TAS

Romulan crewman, 2270

Romulan crewman voiced by Prescott.

Norm Prescott (31 January 19272 July 2005; age 78) was an associate of Filmation, and as such was a producer for Star Trek: The Animated Series. For his work on this show, Prescott, along with his production partner Lou Scheimer, won a Daytime Emmy Award in the field of "Outstanding Entertainment Children's Series." Prescott also voiced a Romulan crewman in the animated episode "The Practical Joker".

Prescott and Scheimer have produced many popular animated TV programs under the Filmation banner, including The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970), Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972-1984) and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983-1985). The latter program was turned into a motion picture featuring Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Duncan McNeill and DS9 guest star Frank Langella.

Under the pseudonym of "Jeff Michael" (actually the names of Prescott's two sons Jeff and Michael), Prescott also co-composed the music for most of Filmation's programs, including Star Trek: The Animated Series.

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