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Norcadia Prime

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Norcadia Prime
Norcadia Prime.jpg

Norcadia Prime from orbit

Native Species: Norcadians
Location: Norcadia system
Delta Quadrant

Norcadia Prime was the inhabited prime planet of the Norcadia system. This system was located in the Delta Quadrant. The planet was the homeworld of the Norcadians, a warp capable humanoid species.

Norcadia Prime was noted for its beautiful beaches and some of the finest museums in the sector. Among these museums was the Norcadian Museum of Entomology, which in 2376 had a special exhibit on beetle larvae from the equatorial subcontinent.

The USS Voyager visited Norcadia Prime in 2376. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

In VOY: "Collective", Mezoti, described her homeworld as a Theta-class planetoid in a binary star system, with a population of 260 million. However, it was never made clear if this was Norcadia Prime or a colony.

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