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Admiral Nogura was a Starfleet flag officer in the 23rd century. They were known to have a formidable reputation.

Nogura temporarily transferred command of the USS Enterprise to Rear Admiral James T. Kirk, and demoted Captain Willard Decker. The transfer was done at Kirk's request in reference to the V'ger crisis. When hearing that Admiral Kirk had talked Nogura into giving him command of the Enterprise, Commander Montgomery Scott commented that "I doubt it was that easy" with Nogura. Nogura was also responsible for "drafting" Doctor McCoy using the little-known reserve activation clause. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

According to the shooting script, after the Enterprise locked onto the Starfleet transceivers, the ship received notification that Nogura had received their reports. This information was cut from the theatrical film.
The character's first name was never revealed on screen but was given as "Heihachiro" by Gene Roddenberry in the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Nogura was referred to several times, but never shown, in the Star Trek newspaper comic strip as well as in the novel The Lost Years, where he was said to have been a decades-long friend to the Kirk family and the man responsible for getting Kirk his first assignment as captain of the Enterprise. Nogura also appeared in the second DC Comics series and the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series.

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