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Multiple realities
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These were unidentified non-humanoid species observed in the 23rd century.

Lactra VII biting insect Edit

Doctor Leonard McCoy attributed Nancy Randolph's malaria-type infection to an insect bite in 2269. (TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder")

As this was speculation on McCoy's part without the aid of his medikit, the creature may not even exist.

Multi-eyed alien Edit

Multi-eyed alien, That which survives

A multi-eyed alien

A painting with a member of this species with many small black eyes underneath two large eyes hung in Dr. Leonard McCoy's sickbay aboard the USS Enterprise for some time. (TOS: "The Enterprise Incident", "That Which Survives")

A space-borne lifeform vaguely resembling this painting was encountered by the crew of the Enterprise in the first issue of the non-canon comic Star Trek: Early Voyages. The resemblance was probably coincidental.

Nibiru wildlife Edit

In the alternate reality, the planet Nibiru was home to several animal species.

Riding animal Edit

Nibiru riding animal

An animal on Nibiru

This animal was a large friendly quadruped, capable of standing on both two or four legs. It could be used as a riding animal by humanoids. In 2258, a startled James T. Kirk stunned one of these creatures, much to Leonard McCoy's dismay, as they could have ridden it to escape a mob of angry Nibirans. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

This creature was originally scripted as an "alien horse", [1] but the final model was a modified version of the Drakoulias from Star Trek. "We gave it a shave and a spray tan," remembered Paul Kavanagh, "and we re-rigged it with some new techniques we've developed to handle quadropeds, which gave us better animation controls." (Cinefex, No. 134, p. 77) According to the website FXGuide, the filmmakers dubbed the Nibiran version of the animal "Niborilla". [2] However, according to Cinefex (No. 134, p. 77), this name is spelt "Nibirilla".
The virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals has an image of a Domesticated Niborilla as card #45.

Tree creature Edit

Nibiru tree lifeform

A Nibiran lifeform

This small anemone-like creature, which had many small legs and retractable tentacles or feelers, could be found moving through Nibiran trees. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Nibiru fish Edit

Nibiran fish

A Nibiran fish

The oceans on Nibiru contained fish, some of which could grow quite large, like this giant fish who passed the observation bridge window while the USS Enterprise parked on the ground of the ocean. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Nimbus horses Edit

Two nimbus horses

Horse-like animals

On Nimbus III, horned animals resembling horses were used as riding animals by the Galactic Army of Light. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

Whereas Earth horses come in a variety of colors, it is worth noting that all Nimbus horses seen were, as far as can be seen in the often dark scenes they were in, of the same color.

Trelane's collectionEdit

Alligator-like creatures Edit

The head of two alligator-like creatures with pig-like ears hung on Trelane's wall in his 19th century house.(TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

Bird-like creature Edit

Bird creature, The Squire of Gothos

A bird-like creature

An Avian looking creature was displayed at Trelane's mansion. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

Yellow creature Edit

Skill dome creature

A yellow creature

In an alternate reality, one young Vulcan was studying the image of a yellow creature, which moved as if it was either flying or swimming, inside a skill dome. (Star Trek)

Background information Edit

Vulcan creature Edit

A deleted scene from Star Trek showed a multilegged creature crawling by in an establishing shot of Sarek's home. Only a rough render was seen in the released version of this scene.

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