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Rogerson Commander Rogerson

Newell Tarrant (born Yancey Newell Tarrant) is a retired Navy flight officer who played Commander Rogerson, the command duty officer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He is the son of actor Newell Tarrant (1911-2000).

A graduate of the Naval War College and TOPGUN, Tarrant fought over two hundred combat missions in the Vietnam War. He concluded his twenty-year naval career - which included postings on both the Enterprise and the USS Ranger (where scenes aboard the "Enterprise" were actually filmed) - as the commanding officer of the Chargers of VF-161, a carrier-based fighter squadron. Currently residing in San Diego, California, he has become an author, with his first novel, Shadow War, published in 2002. [1]

Of all the Star Trek personalities with military service, Tarrant is the only one with service in the Vietnam War. During this period, Tarrant was a Navy fighter pilot and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as multiple Air Medals. (Source: Navy Personnel Command)

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