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Alternate Reality
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This page contains information regarding new Star Trek material, and thus may contain spoilers.

Spock 2259 alternate reality

Spock on New Vulcan

New Vulcan was an alternate reality Vulcan colony founded by Spock Prime as a home for the estimated 10,000 survivors of the destruction of Vulcan perpetrated by Nero in 2258.

The Spock of this timeline thought that, logically, he should resign his commission in Starfleet to help restore Vulcan civilization, but his "older self" urged him to remain, so as not to be denied the potential accomplishments made with his friendships with the crew of the USS Enterprise, specifically James T. Kirk. (Star Trek)

Within a year, New Vulcan had become the capital of the Confederacy of Surak. In 2259, the Enterprise contacted this planet, where Spock Prime revealed the true nature of Khan Noonien Singh to the crew. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

In 2263, Spock Prime passed away on New Vulcan. The younger Spock again considered resigning his commission and returning to New Vulcan to help rebuild the Vulcan race, but after defeating Krall at Starbase Yorktown, decided to remain in Starfleet and accompanied the others when the USS Enterprise-A was launched. (Star Trek Beyond)

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New Vulcan is one of the settings of the Star Trek 2013 video game, set between the two films. In the game, it is invaded by the Gorn, leading to the destruction of infrastructure and loss of life.

According to the "Legacy of Spock" arc of the Star Trek: Ongoing series, more than 27 million Vulcans survived the destruction of Vulcan and planned on relocating to Ceti Alpha V. It wasn't until Ambassador Spock initiated a mind meld with the Vulcan elders that the Vulcan learned of Ceti Alpha V's fate and decided to settle on the second planet of the Simon-316 system.

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