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New Vertiform City

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New Vertiform City was a holographic city created by the USS Enterprise-D's computer in 2370. The city was a metonymic representation of an area abundant in vertion particles. New Vertiform City was created by the computer as a replacement for Vertiform City, namely Tambor Beta-6, a white dwarf star, which had proven to be an insufficient source of the particles. At first, New Vertiform City's real-world counterpart was the Cordannas system, the next nearest white dwarf star system, but when Data showed the conductor a shortcut to New Vertiform City, he was actually redirecting the ship's course to the MacPherson Nebula. Presumably, the city ceased to exist once the new circuit nodes created by the Enterprise stopped functioning. (TNG: "Emergence")

Though the train arrived in New Vertiform City, the city was never actually shown on screen.

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