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New earth primate full frontal

An alien primate

New earth primate

Close up

The New Earth primate was an intelligent but non-sentient primate species native to the planet called "New Earth."

Kathryn Janeway attempted to communicate with the primate during her brief stay on the planet in 2372, claiming she sensed intelligence in it. However, Chakotay doubted it could be domesticated. (VOY: "Resolutions")

Alan Sims was responsible for casting this primate. When the script called from an alien primate, Sims found a spider monkey which, on command, could walk on its hind legs with its tail erect. "At first Rick Berman just laughed. He couldn't believe that a spider monkey – which you could find in any zoo – would look convincingly alien. But when I showed him photographs of what the monkey could do, he said, 'That looks alien enough to me. Book him!'" (Star Trek 30 Years, p. 46)

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