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Neutrinos are elementary particles which belong to the lepton family of particles. They have very small masses, and hence travel at close to the speed of light. Although they interact very rarely, a starship's sensor array contains instruments capable of detecting them.

The presence of elevated neutrinos may indicate the presence of a ship – possibly cloaked. The Bajoran wormhole also emitted neutrinos before opening, giving Deep Space 9 a moment to prepare before any ship came through.

In September 2011, the OPERA collaboration released calculations showing velocities of 17 GeV and 28 GeV neutrinos exceeding the speed of light in their experiments. On July 12, 2012 OPERA updated their paper by including the new sources of errors in their calculations

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In reality, neutrinos always have a left-handed spin, while antineutrinos always have a right-handed spin, meaning that she probably considers both to be neutrinos.

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