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A graphic of a neuron

Neurons are cells of the nervous system. They receive chemical messages and in response, fire action potentials – electrical signals – that transmit these messages to other neurons, as well as other sorts of cells. The interconnections between neurons in the brain are weighted, and the array of cells and weighted interconnections produces thought. The brain, the organ of thought and being in most species, is made up of neurons and supporting cells called glial cells. Neurons are also found in the vertebrate spinal cord and peripheral nervous system; there, they form nerves that conduct the brain's instructions to the various parts of the body, and conduct sensory impressions (vision, hearing, pain, pleasure, and so forth) to the brain. There are various specialized kinds of neurons; each has evolved according to the role it fulfills.

Neural parasite, TOS

The neural parasite

In 2267, the crew of the USS Enterprise discovered that parasites resembling enormous brain cells were the cause of several outbreaks of mass insanity that had moved linearly through the galaxy. These parasites were interconnected in some fashion (although without physical contact); they formed a collective, single organism. The parasites were equipped with stingers; using these, they could inject a piece of tissue into a victim; this tissue grew tendrils that infiltrated the victim's nervous system very rapidly. A part of the larger organism, this mass of tendrils could exert control over the victim by inflicting intense physical pain - so intense, that the sensation eventually drove the victim insane. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

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