Neurological behavior program

A readout of the program

A neurological behavior program was a computer program that could imitate the reactions of a Human brain, thereby making the study of a potentially dangerous device possible without hooking it up to a real brain and putting somebody in danger.

A sensor PADD was used to connect the program to any device that is to be examined. Information sent to the sensor PADD could then be processed by a nearby computer. A simulation of a Human brain was then fed in as the input and the reactions in the neural pathways and the different parts of the brain could be examined. In order to examine long-term effects, the processor could be sped up as well, something which would not have been possible in a Human brain.

In 2368, Wesley Crusher and Robin Lefler used the program to analyze the effects of the Ktarian game and detected its addictive and manipulative qualities. (TNG: "The Game")