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Neural scan interface

Barclay utilizes the neural scan interface.

A neural scan interface was a technology invented by Lieutenant Reginald Barclay while under the influence of a Cytherian probe in 2367.

After having his intelligence drastically increased by the probe, Barclay used the holodeck to create the necessary equipment, and tied his brain into the USS Enterprise-D's main computer core, instructing the computer on how to perform the procedure. This had the effect of integrating Barclay's thought processes into the Enterprise-D itself, essentially allowing him to act as the ship's computer. Utilizing this interface, Barclay generated a highly-charged graviton field from the warp nacelles, creating a powerful subspace distortion which transported the Enterprise-D 30,000 light years away, to the center of the galaxy. There, the crew encountered the Cytherians, who disconnected Barclay from the computer and returned his intelligence to normal. (TNG: "The Nth Degree")

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