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Dr. Neria

Neria was a chief thanatologist on the Vhnori homeworld in 2371.

He was the head of the facility that prepared the Vhnori for the Next Emanation. They would be placed in burial pods, and euthanized, and transported to the next emanation.

He examined Harry Kim when Kim was pulled from his home dimension, what the Vhnori believed was their Next Emanation. He later explained the Vhnori belief in the Next Emanation to Kim. At first he believed Kim to be a spirit from the afterlife, but when Kim explained he was on an asteroid with bodies on it before being transported to the Vhnori homeworld, Dr. Neria was very concerned that the presence of Kim brought into question the existence of the afterlife. (VOY: "Emanations")

Neria was played by actor Jerry Hardin.

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