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World War II (Temporal War)

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Alternate timeline
(covers information from an alternate timeline)
American and German flags

United States and Nazi Germany flags flying together

In an alternate timeline, a Nazi occupation of the United States was part of the second world war.


The occupation was set in an alternate timeline caused by the assassination of Vladimir Lenin in 1916 by an unknown temporal agent. As a result, Russia never turned to Communism, which caused Adolf Hitler to never consider it to be a threat. Another temporal agent, Vosk, of the Na'kuhl faction, who was stranded in this timeline forged an allience with the Nazi's, further empowering them. Germany, focusing on the west, quickly took Belgium, the Netherlands, France and even England, after which it launched an invasion of the United States of America.


Alternate East United States

German-controlled territories in the United States in 1944.

By 1944, German forces controlled Washington D.C., as well as the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, most of North Carolina, and parts of Ohio and South Carolina. However, American forces continued to control the rest of the country, and in fact had been battling German forces in Virginia and Ohio.

This list of states is based on maps seen in the episode. However, as some parts of the map were obscured, for example by flag symbols, and some states are just too small to be clearly seen, and given that the United States seemingly consisted of 56 states in this timeline, there is the possibility that one or more of these states were split up, and it is just not evident on the map. Furthermore, since the pacific was a theater of battle, it is possible that some pacific territories were captured as well.

The captured territories were overseen by an unnamed generalmajor, stationed in the captured White House.

The German occupation was oppressive, with colored music being banned and severe rations placed on meat. In response to actions by the American Resistance, the occupiers placed further restrictions onto the rations, blaming the actions of the resistance. Nonetheless, German propaganda called for a "prosperous alliance" between Germany and America.

Resistance and counter attacks

A resistance movement sprung up, finding members among Irish gangs, dockworkers, coloreds, and even broads. In the New York City area alone German intelligence suggested more then 5000 resistance fighters.

In 1944, battles were fought in Virginia and Ohio, and just before the timeline ceased to exist, there were indications that a large American counter attack had begun.

Na'kuhl operations

Temporal conduit creation

A temporal conduit, near completion

The Na'kuhl stranded in this timeline had only one goal; build a temporal conduit in order to return to their own time. This conduit was being constructed in a New York City facility, using resources provided by the Germans. The German


After Enterprise destroyed the Xindi superweapon, the ship was somehow unable to contact Starfleet Command, and it was soon discovered that it was stranded in this timeline.

Enterprise captain Jonathan Archer meanwhile had been captured as a German POW. He was rescued by the resistance, initially mistaking him for a survivor from the aircraft carrier Enterprise. When a man named Sal explained the situation, Archer decided to get involved. He discovered the presence of the Na'kuhl, and then the existence of the temporal conduit. Enterprise entered the planet's atmosphere to destroy the facility, which resulted in the negation of the timeline. (ENT: "Zero Hour", "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

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