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Nayrok was Prime Minister of Angosia III in 2366 when the planet was applying for Federation membership.

One major obstacle to being accepted as members was the Angosian government's treatment of soldiers who had fought in the Tarsian War. The soldiers had undergone major physical and psychological alterations to make them superior soldiers but had been isolated by the government from the rest of Angosian society after the war, rather than attempt to reverse the changes made to them.

Nayrok and Zaynar requested assistance from the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in apprehending Roga Danar, one of these soldiers, who had escaped. Enterprise-D personnel managed to locate Danar, but while in their brig, the crew learned of the Angosian veterans' situation. When Captain Jean-Luc Picard attempted to speak with Nayrok on the matter, Nayrok refused to cooperate on the basis that it was a matter of internal security, which obliged Picard to comply.

Forced to subsequently surrender Danar to Angoisan authorities, instead the fugitive managed to escape both parties to the planet. At this Picard beamed down to the planet to speak to Nayrok on this escalated situation, only to have Nayrok and his staff brusquely excuse their treatment of the veterans. In the middle of this argument, Danar and his compatriots invade the government building in a full insurrection.

At this, Nayrok asked Picard to intervene to help crush this rebellion. However, Picard, disgusted at Nayrok's hypocrisy, declined to involve Starfleet further in what he pointed out Nayrok earlier insisted was clearly an internal matter other than to note that his official report will include the blatant systematic sentient rights violation discovered, which means Angosia III's application will be refused. With that Picard and his crew left Nayrok and the government to come to an accord with the veterans on their own. (TNG: "The Hunted")

Nayrok was played by veteran Trek actor James Cromwell.

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