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Natima Lang was a professor of political ethics and a member of the Cardassian dissident movement.

In 2363 she was working as a correspondent with the Cardassian Information Service on Terok Nor. During her stay, she became romantically involved with Quark, owner of Quark's, the station's gambling establishment. She ended the relationship when he used her access codes to steal money from the Cardassian government. However, she still harbored feelings for him as late as 2370. She also showed sympathy to the Bajoran inhabitants of the station.

In 2370, she was a working as a professor, teaching political ethics, while functioning as a member of the Cardassian dissident movement, along with her students Hogue and Rekelen. She encountered Quark again at Deep Space 9 while fleeing the Cardassian Central Command. The two wound up expressing their feelings for each other. Ultimately, however, Professor Lang was more dedicated to her students and the Cardassian Underground.

She obtained a small cloaking device from Quark that facilitated their escape from a Cardassian warship sent to DS9 to capture her and her students. (DS9: "Profit and Loss")

Natima Lang was played by Mary Crosby.
The character has featured in several of the post-finale Deep Space Nine novels and also in the Star Trek: Terok Nor novels Night of the Wolves and Dawn of the Eagles. In Star Trek Online, Lang is the head of the Cardassian Detapa Council.

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