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Narada personnel

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A list of Narada personnel.

Named personnel

Unnamed personnel


Romulan Narada commander

A Romulan commander

This Romulan commander served aboard the Narada and was in command of the bridge when Nero and Ayel hunted James T. Kirk down. When Nero returned to the bridge he informed him about Spock's actions. (Star Trek)

The commander was played by Pasha Lychnikoff.

Communications officer

Narada communications officer

The Romulan communications officer

This Romulan female served as communications officer aboard the Narada when Nero traveled with this mining ship through the time to revenge the fate of his homeworld. She served on the bridge of the mining vessel. She died when Spock set a collision course with the Jellyfish and the Narada was destroyed by pulling into the black hole. (Star Trek)

The communications officer was played by Lucia Rijker.


These Romulans served as crewmembers aboard the Narada under the command of Nero. (Star Trek)

Beside three credited actors all other crewmembers were played by background and stunt performers. The Romulan played by Joe Quinto spoke no lines during the shooting of the film, but the character was given dialogue in post-production. This dialogue was spoken by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame.


Romulan Narada engineer

A Romulan engineer

This Romulan engineer served aboard the Narada and was on the bridge when the ship was destroyed. (Star Trek)

The Romulan engineer was played by background actor Josef S. Klus who received no credit for his appearance.

Guards on drilling rig

These two Romulans guarded the drill platform while in orbit of Vulcan. They defended the drilling rig from James T. Kirk and Hikaru Sulu who landed on the rig. The first Romulan fought against Kirk until Sulu landed on the rig and attacked him with his retractable sword. He was killed by a burst of flame from a vent after Sulu kicked him towards the vent seconds before it opened again. The second Romulan wrestled Kirk and threw him off the edge of the platform, but Kirk was able to hang onto the edge, kilometers above the surface of Vulcan. The Romulan tried to stomp Kirk's hands to force him to release his grip, but was stabbed by Sulu from behind and then fell off the platform himself. (Star Trek)

Both Romulans were played by stunt performers.


Narada helmsman

The Narada helmsman

This Romulan served as helmsman aboard the Narada under the command of Nero. He worked on a console of the bridge and also died when the ship exploded in the black hole. (Star Trek)

The Romulan helmsman was played by Jason Brooks. His dialogue was over-dubbed in post-production by Wil Wheaton.

Tactical officer

Narada tactical officer

The tactical officer

This Romulan served as tactical officer aboard the Narada. He detected closing starships such as the USS Enterprise and the Jellyfish and reported to Nero. (Star Trek)

The Romulan tactical officer was played by Michael Berry, Jr..

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