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Nancy Guerriero is an actress who has a background part as a crewmember in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. [1]

Guerriero, who also studied voice acting for two years, started with supporting roles in the drama These Days (2006) and in the music drama Broken Bridges (2006, with Lindsey Haun). She had a recurring role in three episodes of the comedy series Bo! in the USA (2006) and appeared in the comedy Americanizing Shelley (2007, starring Wil Wheaton and Star Trek casting assistant Natasha Delahunt), the short fantasy film Wormhole Chasers (2008), the drama Twisted Faith (2008, with Lee Meriwether), the drama Watercolors (2008), and the drama Four Christmases (2008, with Jeanette Miller, Jack Donner, Zachary Culbertson, Michelle Lenhardt, and Brian Vowell).

More recently Guerriero had featured parts in the comedy Bob Funk (2009, with Ron Canada, Shelly Desai, Tania Gunadi, and Stephen Root), Ron Howard's mystery thriller Angels & Demons (2009, with Arlo Hemphill, Calvin Dean, Anthony Bonaventura, Aaron Haedt, Jon Donahue, Christopher Jude, and Bertrand Roberson, Jr.), the thriller The Informant (2009, starring Scott Bakula), the drama In My Sleep (2009, with Christopher Darga), and the comedy Caravaggio: The Search (2009).

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