Naarg was a Tellarite who, in November 2154, served as an assistant to Ambassador Gral at a conference on the planetoid Babel.

While being transported to Babel on Enterprise NX-01, an Andorian force led by Shran broke into the quarters of the Tellarite delegation in an attempt to extract information from Gral relating to the destruction of the Kumari. Though the situation was defused by Captain Jonathan Archer and a MACO squad, Naarg nevertheless grabbed a phase-pistol and shot Talas, Commander Shran's lover.

Talas eventually died of the phase-pistol shot, causing Shran to challenge Naarg to the Ushaan, a duel to the death, though Gral refused to let Naarg fight. Fortunately for Naarg, Captain Archer invoked the right of substitution and dueled in his place, again diffusing the politically tense situation by disabling Shran without killing him. (ENT: "Babel One", "United")

Naarg was played by actor Kevin Brief.

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