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A mouse was a small rodent found on Earth, as well as a variety of other worlds.

Mice are often a favorite food of certain reptile species. In particular, Xindi-Reptilians were fond of eating live mice. (ENT: "Zero Hour")

A mouse was aboard Space station Regula I in the year 2285, which startled Dr. Leonard McCoy. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Cats are traditionally known to chase mice. As of 2370, Data's cat Spot had never encountered a mouse or any other form of rodent. (TNG: "Phantasms")

The cat-and-mouse relationship eventually lent itself to the phrase "cat-and-mouse game" when one individual or group persistently chases another. (TOS: "Friday's Child", "The Squire of Gothos"; TAS: "Once Upon a Planet"; VOY: "Equinox, Part II")

In response to a Hirogen hunter's boasting in 2374, Tom Paris said that he once tracked a mouse through Jefferies tube 32. (VOY: "Prey")

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