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Mot was a civilian Bolian hairdresser who worked in the barbershop aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Mr. Mot often gave tactical advice to Captain Picard and Commander Riker, usually against their will. Riker commented, however, that Mot was the best barber in Starfleet. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

Mot provided the hairpieces worn by Data and Captain Picard when they traveled to Romulus in 2368 disguised as Romulans in an attempt to locate Ambassador Spock who was on the planet seeking dialog toward re-unification of the Vulcan and Romulan people. (TNG: "Unification I")

When Lieutenant Worf came in for a trim, Mot recommended that Worf start using conditioner. Mot's scissors produced a reaction in Worf that led Worf to discuss these feelings with Troi and Riker. (TNG: "Schisms")

When Captain Picard was captured by Kelsey and her band of mercenaries in 2369, he told them that he was Mot, the ship's barber. (TNG: "Starship Mine")



Mot was played by Ken Thorley in his only appearances in the episodes "Ensign Ro" and "Schisms".

In the script of "Ensign Ro" the character's name was given as "Mot", but in the script of "Starship Mine" Captain Picard's alias is spelled "Mott". On the call sheet for "Ensign Ro", Thorley is listed as "Mot".

In TNG: "Data's Day", Shelly Desai played another Bolian barber; this character was not named in dialogue, but his name was given in the script as V'Sal. It is unclear whether Mot and V'Sal were meant to be the same character, or whether the Enterprise-D has two Bolian barbers. A third Bolian barber appeared in the episode "The Host", played by Buddy Daniels Friedman. In addition, Leonard Jones also appeared as a Bolian wearing the typical barber uniform in the episode "Time's Arrow, Part II".

The creation of a Bolian hairdresser character may be an expression of subtle humor because Bolians, in general, have no hair.


Mot plays an important role in The Genesis Wave series, where it is revealed that he is essentially seen as the 'leader' of the Enterprise-E's small group of Bolian crewmembers- approximately ten Bolians are part of the ship's crew- when the Enterprise visits the planet where Mot's parents live, using phase-shifting devices in an attempt to protect the local population from the effects of the Genesis Wave. Mot later helps coordinate their defense against the moss creatures who have been created by the Wave until Starfleet can send more ships to help in the Wave's aftermath.

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