Morin was a Vaadwaur soldier. In the Earth year 1484, his battalion and their families, approximately six hundred Vaadwaur, went into stasis on their homeworld after an attack by their enemies, including the Turei.

In 2376, Morin was "awakened" from bio-stasis by the crew of the USS Voyager who discovered him and his people while seeking refuge on a seemingly abandoned planet.

Morin was the tactical officer for Gaul, the leader of the Vaadwaur and helped him plan a plot to hijack Voyager so it could be used by the Vaadwaur to defeat its enemies and restore their empire. He, along with the other members of his race, were driven off by Voyager after their plot was exposed. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

Morin was played by Ron Fassler in his only Star Trek appearance.

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