You may also be looking for the Benzite named Mordock.

Mordoc was a Ferengi who served under DaiMon Tarr in 2364.

Along with the rest of the crew, Mordoc participated in the theft of a T-9 energy converter from Gamma Tauri IV. Mordoc, along with Letek and Kayron, later beamed down to a planet in the Delphi Ardu system, after their starship was immobilized above the planet by a powerful force field. He helped ambush Riker and his away team during first-contact with them on the planet. He was disgusted by Natasha Yar, as not only was a woman allowed to serve on a starship, but she also wore clothes. He asked her to submit sexually. (TNG: "The Last Outpost")

Mordoc was part of Commander William T. Riker's memories while being infected on the surface of Surata IV and treated in sickbay. (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

Mordoc was played by actor Jake Dengel.

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