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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the prime reality counterpart, please see Montgomery Scott.
"You are Montgomery Scott!"
"Aye, that's me, you're in the right place unless there's another hard-working, equally starved Starfleet officer around."
– Spock and Montgomery Scott, 2258 (Star Trek)

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott was a Human Starfleet officer serving in the 23rd century. He was recruited by James T. Kirk to replace Olson as chief engineer of the USS Enterprise before the Battle of Earth in 2258.


Scott was born in 2222 in Scotland. (TNG: "Relics")

This predates Nero's arrival in 2233 and does not differ from the prime timeline.
According to his dossier at the official Star Trek movie website, Scotty was the former Academy aide for Admiral Archer's Advanced Relativistic Mechanics course and first in his class at Starfleet Academy, but his status was later revoked due to disciplinary action.

Scotty had been engaged in a debate with his instructor on the issue of relativistic physics and how it pertains to subspace travel. The professor was of the opinion that the range of a transporter was limited to a few hundred kilometers; Scotty felt that he could beam a lifeform from one planet to the next within a star system. His theory, however, had never been tested. As he was experimenting with his theory of transwarp beaming he used Archer's prized beagle as a test subject, but was unable to locate the dog afterwards.

Montgomery Scott, 2258

Scott exiled to Delta Vega

Scott was sent to the Federation outpost on Delta Vega with his colleague, Keenser, in late 2257, six months before the destruction of Vulcan. He believed his blunder with Archer's dog was the real reason for his ending up there. In 2258 Keenser brought him two visitors, James T. Kirk and Spock, who Scotty believed were sent by Starfleet to supply him.

Spock helped Scott fix this transport problem by giving him the finished version of the governing equation "his" Scotty – a longtime friend from his own future timeline – had completed in the future. The final detail Scott needed was to construct the equations from the perspective that outer space itself, not the ships, was moving. Using the new calculations, Kirk and Scott were able to beam aboard the Enterprise while it was moving at warp.

Kirk smiled, winced at the pain this induced, and tried to answer. "Lieutenant Uhura, that 'vagrant' is Montgomery Scott, an experienced Starfleet engineer of unexpected mental and technical gifts, if possibly dubious character. As to the definitive source of the actual physics that were employed to get us on board, trust me – it's complicated." ... "As for transwarp beaming capability ..." Turning, he nodded in the engineer's direction. "Ask him. He's the one who invented it. Spock – the older Spock, the one from the future – just supplied a reminder." ... The engineer nodded, his attitude a mixture of pride and embarrassment. "Aye – and me friends call me 'Scotty.'" – Novelization
Montgomery Scott (alternate reality) at transporter controls

Scotty operating the Enterprise transporter controls

Despite his technical knowledge and engineering specialty, Scotty suffered an initial run of bad luck when it came to transporter targets. When beaming himself and Kirk to the Enterprise he ended up in a water conduit in engineering labeled "Inert Reactant", nearly drowning before Kirk was able to evacuate him through an emergency hatch. The first time he used the Enterprise transporter, he aimed for the cargo bay of the Narada where he believed Kirk and Spock would be able to materialize unobserved; the area turned out to be filled with Romulans. His second use of the Enterprise transporter, however, was a tremendous technical success: he beamed three people from two different locations onto one pad, something he had never done before.

After Spock's ship, the Jellyfish, was destroyed, the Enterprise began to be sucked into the black hole created by the simultaneous detonation of its entire store of red matter. However, Scotty was able to eject and detonate the ship's warp core, creating a large enough shock wave that the Enterprise could ride to safety. With Olson, the ship's original chief engineer, having been killed in action, and his benefactor Kirk in command, Scott eventually assumed the position of chief engineer aboard the Enterprise, bringing Keenser along with him. (Star Trek)

Constitution class warp core exterior, alternate reality

Scotty expressing concern over the Enterprise's orders to terminate John Harrison

A year later, Scotty protested Kirk's decision to park the Enterprise underwater during a mission on Nibiru. When they returned to Earth, he was upset to learn that the transwarp beaming formula, which had been confiscated, was used by the traitor John Harrison to flee to Qo'noS. However, he also objected to the 72 experimental photon torpedoes given to execute Harrison from orbit, as he was not allowed to examine them, and was also angered they were setting off to Qo'noS without adequate time to fix the new warp core. Kirk granted Scotty's permission for a leave of absence, and Keenser left with him.

Later, while dining at a bar in San Francisco, Scotty and Keenser were called by Kirk to investigate coordinates given to them by Harrison. Scotty took a shuttle to investigate, and found a spacedock outside Jupiter. Blending in with an approaching convoy, Scotty entered the spacedock and could only swear in awe as he saw the enormous Dreadnought-class USS Vengeance.

Scott aboard the Vengeance STID

Scotty secretly aboard the Vengeance

Scott boarded the ship, and deactivated its weaponry when Admiral Alexander Marcus ordered an attack on the Enterprise. Scotty contacted Kirk, who ordered him to go to the cargo bay and open an airlock for him to space dive to. Scotty did so, ignoring that he was tiring himself out, and found a console to tie himself to so he could open the airlock without being sucked into the vacuum of space. A particularly dense security officer showed himself and demanded to know who Scotty was, but his repetitive questions bought time for him to open the airlock when Kirk arrived in a thruster suit: Scotty apologized before blowing the guard out the airlock.

Kirk was accompanied by Harrison, who had revealed he was actually Khan Noonien Singh. His super strength made their takeover of the ship relatively easy. Scotty demanded to know who, or more accurately what, Khan was, but Kirk only responded he did not fully trust him and advised him to shoot to stun him later. When they entered the bridge and knocked out the officers there, Scotty did as Kirk asked. However, it proved ineffective as Khan responded by tackling him, pummeling Kirk, broke Marcus's daughter's leg and proceeded to kill Admiral Marcus. Khan took the command chair and demanded acting captain Spock hand over the torpedoes or he would resume attacking the Enterprise. After Spock fulfilled his request, Khan beamed Scotty, Kirk, and Carol Marcus into the brig, but resumed attacking anyway.

Scott mourns Kirk STID

Scotty mourns the (temporary) death of Kirk

Scotty followed Kirk through the corridors of the ship, where artificial gravity was failing rapidly. They reached the warp core, but he warned the captain that radiation was leaking inside: Kirk ignored him and knocked him out, strapping him in a chair while he went inside to restore power to the engines and prevent the ship from crashing. When Scotty awoke, he asked acting captain Spock to come down, and he wept with Uhura when she arrived and witnessed Kirk slowly succumb to radiation poisoning. Fortunately, McCoy realized Khan's genetically-enhanced blood could save Kirk, so Spock and Uhura apprehended him and brought him to perform a blood transfusion.

Scotty in engineering STID

Ready for a long voyage

Almost a year later, Scotty attended a memorial service in San Francisco for the lives lost because of Khan and Admiral Marcus, presided over by a perfectly healthy Kirk. He resumed service aboard the Enterprise as it began a five-year mission, and was pleased to report the warp core was fine. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Memorable quotesEdit

"You are Montgomery Scott!"
"You know him?"
"Aye, that's me. You're in the right place, unless there's another hard-working equally starved Starfleet officer around."
"Get tae–shut up! You don't eat anything. You can eat, like, a bean, and you're done! I'm talking about food. Real food."

- Spock Prime, James Kirk, Montgomery Scott and Keenser (Star Trek)

"Are you from the future?"
"Yeah, he is - I'm not."
"Well, that's brilliant. Do they still have sandwiches there?!"

- Montgomery Scott and James Kirk (Star Trek)

"So, the Enterprise has had its maiden voyage, has it? She is one well-endowed lady! I'd like to get my hands on her ample nacelles if you'll pardon the engineering parlance."

- Montgomery Scott (Star Trek)

"The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse."

- Montgomery Scott (Star Trek)

"Get off there, its not a climbing frame."

- Montgomery Scott to Keenser, before beaming onto the Enterprise (Star Trek)

"Are you a member of Starfleet?"
"Uh... yes. Can I get a towel, please?"

- Spock and Scotty (Star Trek)

"I like this ship! You know, it's exciting!"

- Montgomery Scott, after Spock leaves the bridge following a fistfight between Spock and James Kirk (Star Trek)

"I've never beamed three people from two targets onto one pad before!"

- Montgomery Scott (Star Trek)

"Kirk to Engineering. Get us outta here Scotty."
"You bet your arse Captain!"

- James Kirk and Montgomery Scott (Star Trek)

"I'm giving her all she's got, captain!"

- Montgomery Scott, when escaping the black hole (Star Trek)

"Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to hide a starship at the bottom of the ocean? We've been down here since last night!"

- Montgomery Scott to James Kirk on the hiding the Enterprise underwater (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"Well now, if it isn't Captain James Tiberius... Perfect Hair. Did you hear that? I called him 'Perfect Hair!'' Ha!'"

- An intoxicated Scotty, speaking on the communicator to Kirk after his resignation as engineer. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"Are you drunk?"
"What I do on my private time is my business, Jimbo."

- James Kirk and Montgomery Scott (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"What, you don't think I can remember four numbers? (chuckling) You of little faith! ... What was the third one?"

- Scotty, posturing to James Kirk (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"Holy Sh..."

- Montgomery Scott, on seeing the Vengeance (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"You're a miracle worker!"'

- James T. Kirk to Montgomery Scott, when the latter sabotages the Vengeance. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"It's going to be like jumping out of a moving car, off a bridge, into your shot glass."

- Montgomery Scott, on Kirk and Khan entering a small airlock. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"Its not easy! Just give me two seconds, alright, you mad bastard!"

- Scotty, responding to Kirk’s request to open the USS Vengeance's air lock. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"Welcome aboard."

- Montgomery Scott, to Kirk and Khan after the latter two space dive onto the Vengeance. (Star Trek Into Darkness)



Background information Edit

Simon Pegg modeled his Scottish accent on the Glaswegian one of his wife and her family. Pegg concocted a backstory for Scotty on his MySpace page to reconcile his performance's accent with the traditional belief Scotty was born from Aberdeen or Linlithgow. [X]wbm

Pegg's father-in-law found his accent awful, so Pegg resolved to improve it in the sequel. He also tried to incorporate more Scottish phrases like "cludgie" (toilet), but Abrams felt the audience needed to understand Scotty. [1]

Roberto Orci stated Scotty's backstory, like Spock's, was intended to overlap with events in the prime reality, unlike Kirk, whose life is altered from the day he is born. [2]

Scotty wears the stripes of a lieutenant commander on his sleeve in both films, but the shoulder pins on his dress uniform at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness indicate a rank of lieutenant.

Scotty is pictured on card #53, Outpost Engineer M. Scott, card #80 Lieutenant Commander M. Scott, and card #97 Chief Engineer M. Scott of the virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals.

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