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USS Enterprise operations and sciences rec deck crewmembers

Montgomery Doohan, in the back, as a Starfleet officer, with brother Christopher in front

Doohan family, The Motion Picture

Montgomery, James, and Christopher Doohan in 1978

Montgomery Doohan (born 28 June 1959; age 58) is the eldest of the twin sons of James Doohan, the actor who played Montgomery Scott. Montgomery is his father's middle name, and it also became the first name of his father's character, Scotty.

Montgomery and his twin brother, Chris, made uncredited appearances as extras in the first Star Trek feature, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They can both be seen among the Enterprise crewmembers gathered for Kirk's briefing of the V'ger threat. His brother campaigned to have the two of them appear in 2009's Star Trek; but only Chris appeared in the film.

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