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Monica Peterson (born 3 August 1938; age 79) is a singer and actress who appeared as a photometric projection of a Vori villager in the Star Trek: Voyager fourth season episode "Nemesis". She received no credit for this appearance but is listed on the call sheets. Peterson filmed her scenes on Monday 23 June 1997 and Tuesday 24 June 1997 on location at the Warner Bros. backlot.

Among her acting credits are featured and supporting roles in the drama Changes (1969, with Buddy Joe Hooker, Teri Garr, and John Moio), the television crime thriller The Pigeon (1969, with Victoria Vetri, Ricardo Montalban, and Bill Quinn), the war comedy MASH (1970, with Sally Kellerman, Rene Auberjonois, Fred Williamson, and John Schuck), the drama The Love Machine (1971), the drama Antony and Cleopatra (1972), the science fiction horror film The Dark (1979, with Biff Elliot, John Bloom, and Paula Crist), the action film Portrait of a Hitman (1979, with Garrison True and Michael Rougas), and the short drama Vic (2006, with Gregory Sierra, Peter Mark Richman, Richard Herd, and Gary Frank).

Peterson also appeared in the television pilots The Reporter (1966) and But Can She Type (1989) and in episodes of Ironside (1989) and That Girl.

As a singer and stage performer, Peterson portrayed the Maggie in Jeff Corey's play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and toured through theaters and clubs in Europe and the United States. [1]

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