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Mission operations station

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Galaxy mission ops

The mission ops station of a Template:ShipClass starship

Intrepid mission ops

A mission ops station on an Template:ShipClass starship

Mission Ops was one of the console stations on the bridges of Starfleet starships.

On Template:ShipClass starships such as the USS Enterprise-D, it stood between the Science II and Environment stations. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek Generations)

On Template:ShipClass vessels such as the USS Voyager, two mission ops stations were at the back of the bridge on both sides of the master systems display. Mission Ops I was between the MSD and Tactical, and Mission Ops II between the MSD and Operations. (Star Trek: Voyager)

In 2373, two Voth scientists (under cloak) were detected on the bridge, where Harry Kim was able to identify them as at Mission Ops I. (VOY: "Distant Origin")

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