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Miss Langford's House of Pleasure

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Miss Langfords House of Pleasure

Miss Langford's House of Pleasure

Miss Langford's House of Pleasure was a brothel in the context of the holodeck program of Deadwood in Earth's Ancient West.

The establishment was not well regarded by Annie Meyers who ran the competing Gold Strike Saloon. In particular she felt that the "floozies" of Miss Langford's were competing for the affections of Worf, who was acting the part of the main participant of the program and consequently was the target of Annie's pursuits.

Worf was somewhat displeased at the inclusion of the establishment in the program which was written by his son Alexander Rozhenko with some help from Reginald Barclay and remarked that he would have to speak with Barclay.

When Worf ordered Klingon firewine from Annie in the program she scoffed at him and suggested he try Miss Langford's for such exotic fare. (TNG: "A Fistful of Datas")

Miss Langford's was only seen briefly in the intro to the program.

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