Romulan science vessel, forward

Mirok's science vessel

Mirok's science vessel was a Romulan science vessel that was in operation with the Romulan Star Empire during the 2360s.

In 2368, this science vessel was the test bed for a prototype interphase cloaking device. During the test, it experienced a forced chamber explosion in the resonator coil. Following the explosion, one member of its crew, Parem, was phased out of reality by the device, and all but seventy three of the crew died. Among the dead were the ship's captain, leaving science officer Mirok in charge.

The ship was assisted and repaired by the USS Enterprise-D, who offered the science vessel a modified Federation subspace resonator to act as a new graviton generator, which limited the ship to warp two during its return to Romulan space. They also received a Federation computer core from the 2220s or 2230s, presumably to replace their own. (TNG: "The Next Phase")

Personnel Edit

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