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Mirasta Yale was a Malcorian astronomer and scientist in the 2360s. As Space Administrator of the Malcorian Space Bureau on Malcor III, she oversaw the Malcorian's warp program and in 2367 was preparing to launch their first warp-capable ship.

That year Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Deanna Troi made First Contact with Yale on Malcor III following the disappearance of Commander William T. Riker, who had been on the planet preparing for official first contact between the Federation and the Malcorians.

Yale had dreamed of space flight ever since being nine years old in a planetarium, and was dedicated to getting her people to the stars. When Picard and Troi informed her of the missing Riker, she kept the information from Chancellor Avel Durken, a decision that infuriated him when he found out.

Eventually Riker was recovered and returned to the USS Enterprise-D, despite efforts by Minister Krola. When Durken decided that continued relations with the Federation would not be prudent for their species for the time being, Yale pleaded to be allowed to depart with the Enterprise-D. Picard agreed and had Worf assign her quarters. (TNG: "First Contact")

Mirasta Yale was played by actress Carolyn Seymour.

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