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Mira Antlia system

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The Mira system, also known as the Mira Antlia star system, was a star system with six planets orbiting the red giant star Mira Antlia, in or near Sector 63. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

  • Mira Antlia (star)
    • Mira Antlia I
    • Mira Antlia II
    • Mira Antlia III
    • Mira Antlia IV
    • Mira Antlia V (also known as Dytallix B)
    • Mira Antlia VI
According to the bridge display okudagram, another name for the fifth planet, Dytallix B, was Mira Antlia V. There is a real constellation called Antlia and a star called Mira (also known as Omicron Ceti), but the two are not connected in any way in the real world.

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