Lieutenant Mira Romaine was a 23rd century Starfleet sciences division specialist. She was born on the Martian Colony 3 to Jacques and Lydia Romaine.

According to her psychological profile, Mira had a history of psychosomatic illness that consisted of occasional and teenage routine incidents. Mira was highly marked for her extreme flexibility and exceptional pliancy to new learning situations.

In 2269, Lt. Romaine was given her first deep space assignment aboard the USS Enterprise when she was placed in charge of supervising the transfer of equipment to Memory Alpha. While aboard the Enterprise, she became romantically involved with Montgomery Scott.

During the mission, Romaine's mind came under attack by a group of non-corporeal lifeforms called the Zetarians, at which time she fainted. She later had several premonitions, including that of the attack on the Enterprise, the attack on Memory Alpha, and finally one of Scotty's death.

Later, when the Enterprise fired its phasers at the shadowing Zetarians, Mira experienced harsh pain. After reporting to sickbay, Dr. McCoy gave her a standard Steinman analysis. The results showed that physically her readings were identical, however, two of her hyperencephalograms indicated that her brain circuitry patterns had been altered. They were eventually identified as the impulse tracking patterns of the Zetarian cloud shadowing the Enterprise.

Mira was placed in the pressure chamber where she was subjected to increased pressure. Once the pressure chamber reached roughly 3.5 atmospheres, the Zetarians were forced from her body.

With the help of Scott, Romaine was able to recover from the attack and served out her first deep space deployment at Memory Alpha. (TOS: "The Lights of Zetar")

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A deleted scene from Star Trek Beyond had Scott mentioning that he was about to have dinner with a Lieutenant Romaine.

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According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Takedown, a medical facility was later named after her. It was dedicated to helping Starfleet officers who had undergone similar takeovers of their mental faculties by aliens.

The Star Trek: The Original Series comic "Debt of Honor" had her achieving the rank of captain and chief archivist of Memory Alpha by 2286.

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