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Mira Antlia system

Display of the star system

Mira Antlia was the primary of the uninhabited Mira Antlia system. This system consisted of the red giant Mira Antlia and six planets. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

The system map used for Mira Antlia was first used as a map for the Maxia Zeta system ("The Battle") and the Omicron Theta system ("Datalore"). For its appearance in "Conspiracy", the map was slightly modified with the number of planets reduced from seven to six. This map would see later use for the Tau Cygna system. ("The Ensigns of Command") According to the bridge display okudagram, another name for the fifth planet, Dytallix B, was Mira Antlia V.
There is a real constellation called Antlia and a star called Mira (also known as Omicron Ceti), but the two are not connected in any way in the real world.

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